How to activate BERYL effect in ubuntu?

You got Ubuntu 7.10? Then you got Compiz Fusion (Beryl). You just need to turn it on.

Go to System > Preferences > Appearance and click on the Visual Effects tab. To turn on CompizFusion (what Beryl is called now) select Normal or Extra effects. That will turn on the default Compiz effects for you.

Now, after that, if you want to get exotic, open a terminal window and type in:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

and let that install. After it finishes, go back in to the Visual Effects tab. You will see a fourth selection there called Custom. You can open that up and tweak the settings to your heart's content. Be prepared to be a little overwhelmed by the choices at first.

Want to know what BERYL can do then view the video


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