How to activate BERYL effect in ubuntu?

You got Ubuntu 7.10? Then you got Compiz Fusion (Beryl). You just need to turn it on.

Go to System > Preferences > Appearance and click on the Visual Effects tab. To turn on CompizFusion (what Beryl is called now) select Normal or Extra effects. That will turn on the default Compiz effects for you.

Now, after that, if you want to get exotic, open a terminal window and type in:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

and let that install. After it finishes, go back in to the Visual Effects tab. You will see a fourth selection there called Custom. You can open that up and tweak the settings to your heart's content. Be prepared to be a little overwhelmed by the choices at first.

Want to know what BERYL can do then view the video

What does OMGROFLBBQ mean?

I play games a lot in online and counter strike fixes me in my chair for hours.When ever i get shot by someone i get a message displayed in the screen which reads "OMGROFLBBQ".Well i was baffled to see the word for first time then my friend came to my rescue and pulled me out quickly before i faint myself searching 1430 results in google.

It actually means "oh my god rolling on the floor bar b que.. "yeah the barbeque makes no sense but it came from an internet gaming thing where people would kill eachother and be like WTFBBQ as in what the f you just got barbequed. so basically "omgroflbbq" means "omgrofl" or maybe you just got killed in a video game and they are saying HAHA you got bar-b-qued

Whats the difference between adware and spyware?

Well this is a common question that raises in the mind of every novice to the internet world.Let me try to explain this in a very simple terms:

To all intents and purposes they should be thought of as the same thing as they both track your movements on the Internet, but I think adware actively sends you advertising pop-ups and redirects you to their sponsors advertising sites, whilst spyware also tracks your movements on the Internet and then sends a report of your surfing habits back to whoever created it - this information could also include your bank details, passwords, credit card numbers etc, so both are damaging and should be removed,to remove them I use ad-aware 2007 from lavasoft, you can download it for free hope this helps.

The Ultimate star Ajith Kumar has once again proved himself with his new movie BILLA reaching 50 days in many theatres all over Tamil Nadu.
Ajith in CNN

To remake a 27-year old Rajinikanth film with another actor at a time when he is still the superstar, is a major challenge for any director. But Vishnu Vardhan is a daring young man who took up the challenge along with Ajit and they have come out with a fresh new Billa, an escapist comic book like fantasy film, which has been faithful to the original in spirit and soul. Spiffily shot and stylishly packaged, the remake is slick and will certainly appeal to today’s youth audiences.
Vishnu’s Billa is the first designer-look Kollywood film with classy action cuts. It's a technically chic, racy, engrossing entertainer with a Hollywood look. The director wears his Hollywood DVD influence on his sleeve, the way a shot is framed, and with black and white colours dominating as the camera angles convey style! Ajit looks sensational and clearly he is at home, playing dual roles of Billa and Velu. He is suave, dashing, and debonair and has terrific screen presence which makes the film work big time. You just cannot think of any other actor in Tamil donning the role made memorable by Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth special: The Boss is back

The film is set in Malaysia to give it a rich look. Billa (Ajit) is a modern day suited and booted underworld don who moves around in the company of two glamour girls Sasha (Nayanthara) and CJ (Namitha) who are part of his gang. Billa deals in all nefarious activities like gun running and drugs and has connections with international mafia gangs. The police force in 11 countries is in hot pursuit of Billa who they feel will lead them to Jagdish, the kingpin behind all the illegal operations. After successfully dodging the cops across the world, Billa is eventually pinned down by a sincere DCP of the Malaysian police Jaiprakash (Prabhu) after a spectacular car chase in which he is fatally injured.

Vishnu: Ajit is a cool dude

Now Jai (Prabhu) sees Billa’s death as an opportunity to uncover the entire mob ring by replacing him with a look-alike Velu (Ajit) a petty small time crook and a simpleton to infiltrate into the mafia. Velu alias Billa is able to do the impossible by getting all the information that Jai wanted except about Jagdish the master brain of the underworld. But it's when Jai gets killed, that the real problem arises because he was the only man who knew that the real Billa is dead, and that Velu is actually a police mole. The other police officers investigating the case Gokulnath (Rahman) from the Interpol and the local police chief Anil (Aditya) refuses to believe Velu’s statement that he is not Billa when he is caught and interrogated. Velu escapes from police custody and with the help of Sasha uncover the shocking truth about the identity of Jagdish, which leads to a stunning climax.

The director and his team change the norms of commercial Tamil cinema and breaks new ground by having a script comprising of no more than six- seven dialogue tracks, there is no lengthy dialogues, mush or melodrama, all essential ingredients for mass masala films. The EQ (emotional quotient) which is there in large doses in Tamil films is absent here as Vishnu and Ajit are targeting only the multiplex audiences and they are quite honest about it. Yuvan’s title track and theme music is one of the highlights of the film, though the songs fall flat! The re-mix title song My name is Billa… is no patch on the original and lacks its fervor, while the other re-mix number Vethalaiya Pottendi… has a good beat that makes you dance and is well shot The only mass number is Seval Kodi.., with Vijay Yesudas’s striking voice and colourful picturisation .

For Vishnu Vardhan, a one-time assistant of the guru of cinematography Santosh Sivan, everything is visual and is dictated by the camera. Billa is a film where characters are playing mind games. So Vishnu’s cameraman Nirav Shah has used the super 35 mm and his camera is brilliant displaying an array of flourishes- freeze frames, optical dissolves, colour saturated images, giving a static energy to the frames, aided by Sreekar Prasad’s razor sharp editing. The action scenes have been superbly choreographed by William Ong and are a major highlight.
Billa is an out and out Ajit film. Don’t forget to carry a whistle with you when you watch Ajit meld into two characters- Billa with his Armani suit, Rayban glasses, has a Bond look about him and is cucumber cool while Velu is a riot as he brings the house down with typical one-liners (Athu aaru thalai, Naan oru thalai). Ajit brings to Tamil cinema a desification of Steven Segal, Van Damme style of pure high octane action and humour. He seems to be telling the audiences to just sit back and enjoy the fireworks. In short Ajit as Billa is a rocker!

Nayanthara has given her famous six-yard saris a miss and has decided to go full throttle to look her sexiest best in sizzling hot micro-mini shorts, leather jacket, tall boots! The gorgeous Nayan as Sasha is a show stopper and no Tamil heroine has looked so glamorous on screen in recent times, thanks to her right attitude and stylist Anu Vardhan. Her tan make-up and her costumes are designed with the intention to make your jaw drop. She has a beautiful body which she flaunts daringly and has no qualms about appearing in a two-piece string bikini and is also able to bring out the cold aloofness and bitterness of her character.

All about Billa :

Namitha as CJ oozes sex appeal, is surprisingly restrained and her silences give meaning to the deep loyalty and devotion that her character has for Billa. Prabhu as the police officer is a delight while Rahman and Aditya are adequate. New girl Rose Dawn is a disappointment in the item number and is no match to Helen or Kareena’s sensuous jig.

Billa delivers the goods with its great star cast, a designer look, technical glitz, perfect chemistry making it an entertainment extravaganza. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Don’t miss it.

Billa has grossed more than 59 crores in 25 days.This is highest collection for any tamil movie at 25 days.It has become one of the biggest hits in the year 2007. It has gained 3rd PLACE IN THE BOX OFFICE TOP 10 MOVIES of 2007,and it's still doing well in the box office.I hope it will make in this years box office top 10 movies.

Here I have added some of my collection ajith videos ..I'll keep updating..


thala experimenting toy flight with fans-----------click to download

ajith baba remix and race promo video

flv player

Mac book Air in India,0.jpg

Apple's latest release Mac book Air the thinnest notebook in the world is soon going to be marketed in India.It measures 0.76 inches at it's thickest point and 0.16 inches at it's thinnest point and it is definitely the thinnest notebook in the planet.The speculations of Mac book Air as given by Apple are

13.3-inches LED back-lit wide-screen display
Intel Core 2 Duo processor
Intel 965GMS chipset with integrated graphics
4200rpm 1.8-inches hard disk drive with 80GB standard storage capacity

It features a trackpad instead of a regular touchpad Firewire,Ethernet ,Media card reader,and expansion card slot are absent in this slimmest notebook.
For the missing optical drive, Apple has reassuringly provided consumers with an option to use the MacBook Air SuperDrive, which would be available at an additional cost of Rs 5,500. Apple's MacBook Air is priced at Rs 96,100. It comes with a limited one-year warranty, on completion of which, additional support-warranty can be purchased from the company.
The other big launch it's going to release along with Mac Book Air is the Time capsule.Time capsule is an automatic data back-up system which uses wireless network for data transfer.On the Leopard operating system (OS), it works like a wireless hard drive that works in sync with Apple's in-house software.

Apple's Time Capsule will be available in two capacities: 500GB at a price tag of Rs 16,700, and 1TB for Rs 27,200. These new products from Apple are sure going to increase the demand for Apples products in Indian Market.

Some sites to download korean movies

Here i have listed out some sites to download korean movies
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Good video making software besides Windows Movie Maker(wmm)

Few weeks back my friend was working on a short film.He needed a video editing software and the obvious choice was windows movie maker(you get that free). He was busy with his film-editing, adding effects, syncing the sound etc... and i was loitering around him.I could clearly see the agony and distraught in his face and not even once he was happy with this software throughout his project.So I decided to find the best software for this application and browsed through several pages and downloaded few trial versions of some famous softwares.

As of me the top three video softwares among the lot is

1) AdobePremiereElements
2) Ulead Video Studio
3) Sony Vegas

You can download a free trial of the software mentioned above. If your looking for a list of free video editing software, take a look at the source below.

If you want super good like Sony Vegas, your going to have to buy it, so if you like Sony Vegas, bite the bullet and buy it or one of the others. You wont find real good free ones, besides Windows Movie Maker, that's about the best you can get for free.

If you have MAC I would suggest you to go for imovie though I haven`t used it personally I believe in APPLE products.
There are a lot of ways to make your XP look better.Here i have listed out some ways that i use to make my XP look better.

Google desktop:This is a free tool from google which really enhances your Xp.Immediately after installation it indexes all the files and folders in your PC.After indexing you can use it for searching files and folders in your PC.It also has a sidebar which contains really cool gadgets . You can custimise and also can add new gadgets to your sidebar.The sidebar is the coolest feature of google desktop.
Download Google desktop here

Vista transformation pack:

For those who want to make your desktop look like Vista vista transformation pack would be really helpful.This one makes all your icons,bootscreen,login look similar to vista.3d desktop feature is also available in it's latest release.Vista transformation pack is very light on resources.
It comes as a freeware product

Download Vista Transformation pack here

Flyakite Osx:
This software makes your PC look like a mac.It patches all XP icons.It changes XP bootscreen,login window,Control Panel icons and start menu.If you are really interested in a mac and you don't want to buy a mac then give try to Flyakite Osx.It's the best way to make your XP
look like a Mac.Use latest version of Rk launcher dock along with Flyakite Osx to make your PC look like a Mac .It is a freeware product.
Download Flyakite Osx

You can also use other private 3rd party applications like Windowblinds and StyleXp to visually enhance your PC . These applications give you a lot more customization options.

SQL Demystified

Databases contain all different kinds of information. The booking system at an airport might be a database containing all the ticket information for a particular airline, for example.

When the clerk at the check-in desk checks a passenger in for a flight they might enter the passengers name into the computer.In the background SQL is at work.SQL is a computer language which is used to extract information from and put information into databases.So the clerk enters the passengers name, Johnson, into the computer.The computer sends a query to the database using SQL.

The query might look like this:
SELECT * FROM People WHERE Surname='Johnson'

The SQL query is asking the database, to return all the records in the database for people with the surname Johnson.
The database might return the following records:
Johnson, PaulJohnson, MaryJohnson, Matthew

SQL can be used to extract information from a database, add data, modify data and so on.The reason we use SQL is that we need some kind of language to go between the interface and the database.In my exampke, the interface is the screen the clerk uses to check-in passengers and the database contains all of the customer records.So SQL works between these to extract, modify or add records to and from the database.

When you use Yahoo Mail(say for eg), something like SQL is working in the background to update this web site.I hope my example has given you some ideas for further research and explained what SQL is used for.

Hello Friends....

Hello friends ..I have a small doubt about which countries movies are really the best (ie,what most people think). So to find out what other peoples around the world think.I have created a poll in my blog and I request you people (ie,Friends who visit my blog) to cast your vote.I've included hollywood in the options which is not a country(as i consider hollywood as american movies) .If you feel that i've excluded any possible choices...Just leave your comment in the shoutbox or send a mail to I'll include them to my poll as soon as i come across your comment...I personally consider Hollywood and Korean movies are really good and much better than other country movies...

Thank you for contributing to my blog...Stay in touch.....

Apple cuts down ipod and iphone production rate

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Apple has cut down the production of ipod and iphones by more than 35%.According reports from Craig Berger, an analyst with FBR Research the sales of ipod and iphone have declined two times in the past 2 months.He also reported that apple is experiencing a week sell through from the fourth calendar quarter of the year 2007 till now.

Also reports conclude that ipod touch is experiencing the weakest sales compared with apples other products.The main reason for ipos touch's decline in sales are due to it's over rated price and it's use of Wi-fi for connectivity so users out of range with Wi-fi connection cannot connect online.
Berger also concluded that sales of apples imac and mac books have increased by 20%. Apple is trying expand it's Asian market as the demand for apples product in Asia has increased dramatically in 2007.

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