Facebook Updates Privacy Controls


On Wednesday, March 18th, Facebook will be introducing privacy updates that give users more control over the information they choose to share on Facebook. The two main updates taking place are a standardized privacy interface across the site and new privacy options.

Some of the new features being added include a “Friends of Friends” privacy option that allows people to share information with people they are connected to through their friends. Users will also now have the ability to share and restrict information based on specific friends or friend lists. The friend lists feature was added to Facebook in December as a way to help users communicate with groups of friends. Now, in addition to messaging and event and group invitations, friend lists can help users to communicate by choosing what information is shared with certain groups of people.


Hi guys i just want to tell u a way to overclock your graphics card.First of all you need to know that overclocking your graphics card does reduce the life of your graphics card however this all depends on the model you are using this is because some manufactuers overclock their cards allready,so further increase in the core clock would be obviously dangerous
however most cards are easily over clocked by at least 10%(20% maximum),
and a excellent utility(especially for nvidia based cards)is "n-tune"


This utility allows you to increase the core clock and memory clock speeds using a slider and then saving the settings as a "profile" which is then loaded every time windows starts up
also for nvidia cards the registry tweak "coolbits"is also a capable program,you can download the cool bits registry fix from

http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=815 change the registry keys yourself

follow this:
1.) Click on ‘Start’ and then click on ‘Run’.
2.) Type “regedit” (without the quotation marks) and click ‘OK’.
3.) Begin navigating to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/NVIDIA Corporation/Global/NVTweak“. To do so, expand the following directories in the same order: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > NVIDIA Corporation > Global > NVTweak
4.) Under the column titled ‘Name’, right-click and select ‘New DWORD Value’.
5.) Replace the name ‘New Value #1′ with “Coolbits” (without the quotations).
6.) Right-click on Coolbits and select ‘Modify’. Under ‘Value Data:’, type:
1A - to unlock SLI AA options, advanced features, and overclocking abilities (or)
18 - to enable the SLI AA options and advanced features only
7.) Click ‘OK’ and exit the Registry Editor.


For A.T.I cards there are also utilitys for overclocking including the "a.t.i tool" http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/ is a very good utility and very stable to use
NOTE: all these utilitys can be used with any brand of graphic card,although they are specifically written for each card they can be safely used with any card,infact a few years ago i used the ati tool to overclock a geforce 4ti also when considering overclocking your graphic card look at replacing the stock cooler for a more efficent gpu cooler,for example the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 8800 VGA Cooler http://www.overclockers.co.uk/ a excellent replacement gpu cooler and with 3x 80mm PWM Fans,5 Heatpipes and 107 Fins this is sure to keep your gpu cool even under overclocking scenariospersonally i have never been a overclocker,however i may later in the year when i water cool my system,which is also another very good way of keeping the graphic card(and your cpu) under overclocking proceduresany probs let me know.Good luck
C and C++ compiles into machine code of the processor on which the program was compiled. This means that the game can communicate directly with the processor in the closest way possible, ensuring that as much resources as possible go towards running the game and not wasting any resources on other stuff. C/C++ also requires more low-level operations, like talking directly with the graphic drivers and/or graphics subsystem of the operating system.

Java, on the other hand, while very optimized in the latest versions (5 and 6) does not compile into machine code, but into a Java-specific byte code that something called a Java Virtual Machine (JVM for short) understands. This byte code is platform independent, meaning that it is not tied to a specific processor or operating system, but it also means that when the application (game) is run, the JVM needs to translate the byte code into the machine code on which the program is being run. This causes overhead and a waste of resources that often cannot be wasted when making games. Also, Java is a very high-level language, and does not provide direct access to the low level layers of the OS, like the graphics driver and the graphical subsystem of the OS. This means that you cannot as efficiently work with graphics.

First off, uninstall everything that you don't need anymore. Run Spybot, with ALL of the latest updates, then you can skip that step. If you didn't download the updates, you need to do that and use it again.

Keep in mind that everyone of these things is either free of charge or open source. That also means that the updates are free. Running the software with out the updates is the same as not running it at all. In addition to anti-virus software, you should also have anti-spyware software.

You should use more than one anti-spyware package because there is no one spyware package that will detect everything. Each one will pick up things that the others miss. Part of this is based on what gets submitted to the people who make the software which in turn is based on what the users encounter. There are so many that its hard to create a comprehensive list of everything out there that spies on you.

When you're done, be sure to go to Windows Update and apply ALL of the patches. Don't just run the "Express" updates. Run "Custom" and pick all of the software that's available to you. It make take several times before you no longer have patches. Once that's done, be sure to turn on your automatic updates.

For Windows XP - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306525.

For Vista - http://www.microsoft.com/protect/compute...

Make sure that you're not running a cracked version of Windows or other software packages. Software doesn't get cracked for the benefit of humanity. It gets cracked because a hacker somewhere wants you run his software on your computer. That means he can use your computer to serve porn and send spam. Or capture your user names and passwords for identity theft.

1) Spybot Search & Destroy http://www.safer-networking.org/en/

2) Windows Defender - http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security...

3) Lavasoft Adware - http://www.lavasoftusa.com/products

4) Clamwin Antivirus - http://www.clamwin.com/

5) Fsecure Black Light - http://www.f-secure.com/blacklight/

World's best city-Sydney

Top of the world ... Aqua Dining restaurant shows why Sydney's views are the best in the globe.

THE weather has been rubbish, the hospitals are crook, the trains are late and crowded, and housing prices are through the roof.

Yet Sydney still sparkles in the eyes of more than 10,000 people in 20 countries who have rated it the world's best city for the second year in a row.

The daily struggles and stresses of Sydneysiders have failed to damage its reputation as the city where the sun shines, the people smile, the facilities are first-class and the economy is booming.

The annual Anholt City Brands Index, the brainchild of British branding expert Simon Anholt, rated Sydney top of the pops ahead of London, Paris, New York and Rome. Arch rival Melbourne came in sixth.

Although Sydney was not as well-known as either London or New York, not even a little obscurity could shake its "overwhelmingly positive" image.

The conclusion that Sydney was one of the top three cities for employment and business opportunity, alongside London and New York, was probably a case of "success breeding success", the study concluded.

"It seems that a city which is strong in several brand dimensions can acquire momentum, boosting its standing in other areas," it said.

London and Paris were let down by the lack of satisfactory, affordable accommodation and worries about the friendliness of the locals. New York is seen as dirty, expensive and unsafe.

Premier Morris Iemma - in desperate need of a boost after a horror week - was thrilled with Sydney's top ranking.

"Winning this title for a second year confirms independently what we already know: Sydney is a truly great city of which we can all be proud," he said.

"It's the best city, not only in Australia, but the world.

"Sydney has shown that it is not just a great tourist destination, but it is truly a global city, ranked top of the class for beauty, climate and friendliness.

"Importantly, the index also found that Sydney is seen as one of the top three cities for employment and business opportunities. This vote of confidence in our city is a great credit to Sydneysiders and the local tourism industry as well."

Sydney Chamber of Commerce executive director Patricia Forsythe said the index demonstrated Sydney's competitive advantage as a business destination.

"Sydney is unique in its combination of great lifestyle and economic opportunity," Mrs Forsythe said.

"Sydney's prosperity is directly related to its cultural diversity and social vibrancy."

Sydney ambassador Peter Holmes a Court said Sydney "had it all".

"The great thing about our city is it has a business culture that takes on the world, a sporting culture second to none, and a lifestyle that is the envy of people everywhere," he said.

On Friday night, Sydney's Bridgeclimb took out the major award at the Qantas Australian tourism awards.


Red Bull will not be excluded from this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix after satisfying race stewards their car was safe to compete.

After the front of David Coulthard's car disintegrated when he hit a kerb after running wide during yesterday morning's free practice session, team boss Christian Horner, chief technology officer Adrian Newey and team manager Jonathan Wheatley were summoned to explain the incident.

The Scot was forced to sit out the afternoon run and Red Bull were subsequently asked to provide a full report to assure stewards both cars were structurally sound enough to race in Sepang without putting the drivers in danger.

If they failed, the team could have been banned from competing under Article 2.3 of the 2008 Formula One Technical Regulations.

However, having received a written report, the stewards will now take no further action.

A statement read: "Having received a written report from Red Bull Racing and the verbal report from the Technical Delegate who has conducted a visual check of the front suspension of the Red Bull car, the stewards at this stage intend to take no action under Art 2.3 of the 2008 Formula One Technical Regulations. This matter will, however, be kept under review during the event."

Shedding tears watching movies????

The image “http://artistic-resource.com/tears%20of%20time.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Most of the times when i watch movies i used to shed tears during sad moments in the movie.I used to wonder why my tears break down simply watching movies.I have noticed this similar case with some of my friends also.Another thing i have noticed is most of these people who shed tears don't shed tears much during real life sad moments(not true with everyone),then what makes them cry watching movies.There could be one simple answer for this maybe because these kind of people consider themselves to be the leading character in the movie to whom you feel pity for and shed tears.If that's the case and if it's true most of the people don't cry watching the movie or for situation in the movie,but they do cry for themselves.For example consider the movie forrest Gump tears filled my eyes during 3 or 4 occasions in the movie.After watching the movie i was sitting down thinking about the movie whole night and why did the movie bring tears to my eyes,well after thinking for hours i came to a conclusion that i was thinking myself as Forrest and tears came down feeling pity for myself while watching the movie.Now what i'm really thinking is,Is this the case with everyone who shed tears on watching movies.If you do cry watching movies ask yourself some questions like why did i cry watching this movie??If you find this true(ie,thinking yourself as a part of the movie)then leave me a comment on this post.Even if you find the claim to be false do reply a comment about the actual reason you found out for your tears.

It was only a matter of time before Lindsay Lohan was associated with a sex tape, was it not, as she has already managed to get herself into all sorts of other troubles. This one rumor though is supposedly false.

Spreading speculation that Lindsay Lohan appears in a sexy video with former boyfriend Calum Best has been nipped in the bud by the British model that Lindsay dated last year. A spokesman for Best made a statement for OK! Magazine.

“Calum knows nothing about a sex tape,” the rep told OK!. “It is not him in the picture.”

Lindsay Lohan’s people have not made a comment yet on the matter.

The “Mean Girls” actress and the model had a short relationship last summer, before Lindsay checked herself into rehab in Sundance, Utah, at the Cirque Lodge drug rehabilitation center. She spent some two months there and left the facility in early October.

Lindsay entered rehab after an eventful summer: two arrests related to driving under the influence and possession of cocaine. Upon seeking medical help, she issued a statement admitting her life had become “completely unmanageable” due to addiction to alcohol and drugs.

In mid-November, she served 84 minutes at the Lynwood Jail in Los Angeles, complying with her court-ordered sentence. She also served 10 days of community service.

Lindsay was also ordered to attend an 18-month alcohol education program during her three-year probation as part of her sentence for two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence and possession of cocaine.

As to her interrupted career, Lindsay is now trying to get it all back together again. Last month, she collaborated with photographer Bert Stern to recreate the famous Last Sitting, Marilyn Monroe’s final photo shoot before her tragic death in 1962. The nude portraits appeared in a special issue of New York magazine.

She is reportedly working on her third studio album and she has also signed to appear alongside Jack Black in “Ye Olde Times.”

Indian stock market downfall

This week India stock market even touched two and half year low levels entering in 15000 points level. Suddenly, India stock market which was making new and new record every day crashed so badly. Most of the people in India want to know the answer of this question because they have lost lot of money in this whole slide of stock market.

From last two day, stock market is showing slight signs of recovery, however, it is still not clear that it will be again able to reach same levels or not and if reach at old levels than much time it will take. At present, no expert or investor has exact answer to this question and they are advising caution to people. Though, this is the nature of market and in past also market has behaved in similar manner.

There are few reasons which are presently affecting the India stock market badly. First is decreasing interest of foreign investors in India stock market because they are now finding gold and crude oil investments more rewarding than investing money in India stock market. Already, prices of crude oil and gold have touched their highest level in world market.

Second is ever increasing prices of crude oil and its impact of economy of India which is importing most of its oil from outer world. Third is reaction of Indian stock market to decreasing Western and Asian stock markets. Forth is slow down in number of sectors which can further cause slowdown in whole economy of India. Fifth is increase in taxes on big investors in this budget. Sixth is increasing inflation and cost of living in India.

Last but not least is panic among the small and medium investor which is stopping them from investing in stock market. These are few reasons which are among the few of reasons for the downfall in India stock market. India still has lot to offer to the world, therefore, we can again hope to see same jump in India stock market.

IIT Bombay blocks internet access to it's hostels

IIT Bombay one of India's top technical education institutes has blocked the internet access to it's hostels.IIT Bombay says providing unlimited internet connection to hostels affects the performance of it's students.It says that most of it's students are misusing their privileges and many of them get addicted to blogging and social networking.Many of the students stay awake till morning playing games and surfing and going to bed in the morning this affects the attendance and performance of the student,This change in habit creates a lot of stress in the minds of the students.Depression and dysfunctional lifestyles are known to be common among IIT students, and in the past five years at least nine have committed suicide.IIT-Mumbai has experienced two suicides in two years and many suicidal attempts.

So,IIT has planned to block the internet access to it's hostels from 11 PM to 12:30 PM.But students are feeling bad about this decision to cut down the internet connection.Several blogs from IIT students are reflecting their anger towards this decision.Well according to me it's up to the students to whether to use their privileges in the right way,Even my college network administrator has blocked the internet access fro 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM but this hasn't changed my habit of going to bed at 4:00 may be sometimes i used stay awake till 5:00 and continue surfing.The main disadvantage is many of the administrators only block the internet access and not the Local Area Network so students can still play games with their friends who are connected in the LAN.

Difference between IMAP, Push, and POP email

Pop is the oldest type of email protocol. Essentially, your computer contacts the server, downloads everything after authentication and stores it locally. It also marks everything as "read" and depending on your settings, deletes them.

Imap is a newer system that integrates servers and clients in a different way. Messages can be downloaded, stored and interacted with by a variety of offline clients, but everything occurs universally, (ie: if you delete it from one of the clients, it's deleted on the server as well). It's MUCH better if you have multiple devices accessing the same accounts. All the email and the various states of email are stored on the server.

PUSH is essentially IMAP4 usings the IDLE feature, where there's more constant communication with the server.The Iphone Supports pop, imap and kinda supports PUSH, but not very well.
Firewalls are extremely useful, particulary those that block outgoing, as well as incoming connections (ZoneAlarm, for example). To give you some idea as to why - say, for example, you have unwittingly downloaded a trojan that is logging your keystrokes and sending them back to a server on the internet. With a firewall monitoring outgoing access, even if the trojan works as it should, you would still have to give it your permission to report its findings back to base. Incoming firewalls block connections to any ports that may have been accidentally or maliciously opened on your computer.

Onto the subject of people attempting to gain control of once machine - it doesn't matter that you're not the pentagon. It doesn't matter if you have no personal information stored on it at all; the fact is, hackers make hundreds of thousands of pounds by forming what are known as 'botnets' of compromised 'zombie' machines, which are then commonly used in criminal enterprise, DDOS attacks, and so forth.

This are simple examples - there are many more. Firewalls can be a pain to configure, but they are well worth it - not having one is simply ridiculous.As for free antivirus - I would recommend Avira's AntiVir. AVG is good, but the daily scans on the free version can be a bit of a pain.

Difference between mac and windows?

The really comprehensive answer will make a very thick book.but i'll answer this question the shortest i can,but it still can be very long.so get ready for eyestrains......:-)*(I recently upgraded my system i built myself to a triple boot pc with XP Pro SP2 and Vista Ultimate,and Linux Obuntu installed just to let you know that i have a vast experience ...:)
so now,let's do an UNBIASED comparison.both have strong and weak points.sometimes a pc can do a job faster than a mac,or inversely,some jobs are better done with a mac.software:the main difference is how the two OS's handle programs or applications.macs don't have the "registry problem",and dll file problems.with windows,you have this - install/uninstall problem with your applications.programs in windows should be "registered"(installed) with the os first to be able to run and to use resources like printers,network connections,etc.with a mac,you don't have that complicated process.usually installation is just dragging the icon into the applications folder.you can even run the program WITHOUT installing it.and if you don't need the program anymore you just trash it,drag it into the bin.end of story.no registry hassles.(some files are put into your library folder or systems folder,but still easy to delete).and if you accidentally delete a library file,osx will still boot up normally.relaunching the application usually restores the deleted file.meaning the WHOLE system is not affected,unlike in windows,where a registry entry deletion mistake can be fatal,affecting the whole system.the gravest mistake a mac user can make is deleting the "home" folder,BUT still,in that case,osx WILL STILL BOOT UP,albeit with the default settings.you still have acces to your files in the os,UNLIKE in windows.also, programs errors are usually not system wide in osx.meaning,when a program stops responding you just "force quit" it.the entire system is not affected,unlike in windows where program "hangs" and "freezes" affect the whole os,making it unstable or most of the time freezes the whole system,requiring reboot.well sometimes,the "end task"in task manager works,depending mainly on how much the "frozen" program is bogging down the windows system.but most of the time,the only option is to hot reboot.consequently losing whatever you were working on,consequently wasting all that time and effort on that project.

Its's basically the difference on how the two operating systems handle programs written for them.and macs seem to be handle that area well.osx has a bundled software called iLife.you can do a lot of things with it straight out of the box.if you are going to use the computer for your personal video footage editing,for example,osx is better because of the bundled software.windows movie maker can't hold a candle to iMovie.and if your going to use a third party movie editor for windows,like adobe premiere,it's going to cost you a lot of money.even music files are handled better and faster by a mac,like file format conversions.it even has garage band if you're into making or mixing your own music.with a pc,you need 3rd party software for that,like n-Track or Cakewalk.negative side of mac software is fewer software choices compared to windows..but that is changing fast now.with windows is you get a lot of choices for compatible software.and it's the same case for all types of programs.because windows is more popular,more software is available for it,a program for any job,be it a video converter or editor,mp3 software,image editor,spreadsheet program,database software,compiler,hex editor,CADD programs,games,flash software,3D applications,any program at all,there is one(usually more)available for windows,some for free,some you have to pay for.and still for the same reason,because windows is more popular,there are more viruses,malware,trojans and spyware that affects it.unlike macs which don't have the same problem.

But windows has better networking capabilities,in spite of it's security issues.by networking,i meant as in an office environment,like LAN.another thing is if you learn to be a power user in windows,you can tweak your os any which way you like,up to a certain level,from overclocking your cpu,changing the word "start" in your start menu to any name you wish,to changing how your GUI (graphical user interface) looks and feel.you can also do that with macs but only to add functions to programs by writing "apple scripts"-small programs that add special functions to programs on macs.also,macs can run multiple OS's on compatible machines,either virtually,on older models,or natively,on newer intel based machines.you can run osx and xp,vista and even linux,either as separate boot partitons or as parallel operating systems.

Hardware:one thing i have to say is,hardware counts for just half of the machine's performance,the other 50% is really the operating system.much like a ferrari won't amount to nothing in the racetrack in the hands of a poor driver.both are equally important - the driver and the car.no matter how powerful your cpu is,or how "high-end" expensive your system in general is,it won't count much if you got a lousy operating system.everything is just wasted.like the analogy of the ferrari,the potential and power and performance of the car is wasted,if driven by a lousy driver.so that is what makes macs better than pc's,in a sense and in many ways.all the potential of the hardware is utilized to the fullest extent on a mac machine.that is the main reason that macs are more stable than windows machines.because of hardware-software compatibility.with windows,the hardware is usually made by different manufacturers from different countries.so there is a large margin for software errors and compatibility issues,like drivers etc.on macs,the hardware and software is made by one company(some components are outsourced to limited and selected countries like china).what it really means is that microsoft is a SOFTWARE-ONLY company,while apple is BOTH a SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE COMPANY.and also,sweet thing about macs is you just plug in your peripheral and it works,most digital cameras,scanners,printers,etc..they just work.most devices don't need drivers like in windows,some do though,again i said,some.the one very important negative thing about mac's is,-they are not hardware upgradable.very limited on what you can upgrade on a mac.unlike windows machines where you can upgrade anything and everything - even build your own system from scratch - from cabinets,psu's,motherboards,cpu,vga cards,sound cards,etc.you can expand the functions of your windows machine.even personalize it.ever see a pc with a transparent case with colored lights?even the fans spin with multi-colored lights.this is called "modding" your pc.and as for gaming,windows is better.still for the reason that it's the more popular os,more progammers and developers make more games for it,while manufacturers make better hardware and devices for these games.like faster vga (or PCI x-press)cards with more built-in memory,monitors with high resolution-low dot pitch specs with faster pixel response time (in ms).because in really serious gaming,monitors need faster response time required by games with dynamic textured backgrounds which is displayed at very high resolutions.

So the conclusion is:with a windows machine you can do more,actually a lot more.but if you have the software for a mac to do the same job,the mac will do the job better and faster.and it is a more stable machine.if you do the same job on a mac and a pc with the same specs.ie,processor speed,bus width and speed,ram capacity and speed,data pipelines,south and north bridge DTT(data transfer rate on an ATX mobo),HDD rpm,access time and latency rate,etc., the mac will do better everytime.going back to the racecar analogy,like two identical ferrari's,one with michael shumacher driving and the other one with a lesser known average driver.or a glof club with tiger woods or a tennis racquet with roger federer,same equipments,different ways of handling and employing and utilizing them.and in that field,mac osx is a champ.
Well,simply because Apple was hoodwinked by Microsoft.here's a bit of history...before 1983,all IBM machines,or PC's were pre-installed with MS-DOS,as per the agreement between Microsoft and IBM.but as early as 1978,Apple -specifically,Steve Jobs,has been working on "LISA",the first personal computer with a GUI - graphical user interface and a MOUSE.

***neither the mouse nor the gui was invented by Apple.both were the ideas and inventions of Mr.Douglas Engelbart in 1964.Appple was the only one who first incorporated the mouse into their system.Mr. Engelbart was also the inventor of the concept of GUI-the graphical user interface itself,or the "WIMP"- or "Windows,Icons,Menu,Pointing device".

LISA stood for - "Local Integrated Software Architecture".later he left the LISA project to join in the development of the Macintosh.it was the most advanced personal computer at that time,,for it's size it was already boasting of features such as - protected memory,multi-tasking,a built-in screensaver,expansion slots,higher resolution displays and others.the only problem was that the Motorola processor cannot handle the processing power demands of the OS.so in the end,the project was discontinued and the features of LISA were incorporated into the MACINTOSH.

That was way back in 1978...and when Mr.Gates got a peek of LISA and later the MACINTOSH,both with spectacular graphics of that time and period,he started COPYING the GUI and started developing his OS based on the Apple GUI.and on November 10,1983,the Windows 1.0 was announced,which was originally named "Interface Manager".the first shipments were made on November 1985,two years after the anouncement.in September of the same year,1985,Apple threatened Microsoft with a lawsuit.Bill Gates was warned of copyrights and patents infringements and theft of trade secrets.knowing full well that he will lose if the case goes to court,he and his lawyers,with Bill Neukom as head counsel,drew up an offer and a deal which they presented to Apple.

Apple,in all it's naivette,agreed,and a contract was drawn up.the hoodwink? - In the drawn up contract,the Licensing Agreement stated somehow THE INCLUSION OF APPLE FEATURES IN THE MS WINDOWS OS AND IN ALL FUTURE MICROSOFT SOFTWARE.in December 1987,Windows 2.0 was released,which really LOOKED LIKE A MAC.that was when Apple filed a lawsuit - 1988.but alas, as per the contract between Apple and Microsoft,the the former consented the latter the rights to use the Apple features.and so even as the case lasted for four years,Apple LOST.Microsoft INFRINGED on 170 of Apple copyrights,but the courts said that the LICENSING AGEEMENT gave Microsoft the rights to use ALL but NINE of the copyrights.and a further blow to Apple was that in 1993, a U.S. District court granted Microsoft motions to dismiss the LAST REMAINING copyright infringement claims by Apple.and the rest is history....from LISA to Windows 1.0/2.0/3.0/3.1... the OSX Aqua to Windows Vista Aero...OSX widgets to Vista gadgets...etc...so most of the features and enhancements on the gui on your computer,be it a windows pc or a mac,are APPLE PATENTS AND COPYRIGHTS,of which Microsoft is consented to use,as per the Licensing Agreement.

Apart from the Yalta Conference at the end of WW2...to the diversion of george bush from the al qaeda war to the war in iraq,the Microsoft deal with Apple was the one of the greatest hoodwinks in history.what were the Apple lawyers thinking?didn't they read the whole agreement with all the clauses and sub-clauses and the small prints?so...Bill Gates and Microsoft can COPY the MAC all they want...and there's nothing Apple nor Steve Jobs can do anything about it.unless of course Apple comes up with new ideas with new patents and copyrights....but if it benefits the majority,if it is for the good of many,then,i'm sure nobody is complaining,only the folks at Apple...who will ever want a text-based MS-DOS OS without Windows?BUT STILL...THE QUESTION OF PRINCIPLE.and to all of those people that keep saying that Microsoft or Bill Gates did not copy anything from Apple,well...i just wish they study a bit of computer history first.any computer history book will do.
PATA vs SATA refers to the data interface between the drive and the computers main board drive controller. The primary difference is SATA is capable of higher transfer speeds. If you look at the cables side by side you see the physical differences. PATA cables are 20 pins wide in two layers giving 40 pins, whereas the SATA connector is a only 7 pins wide in a single layer. One advantage of this is the ease with which SATA cables can be run through your case. PATA cables are also length limited by signal attenuation making the maximum usable length of the cable around 45cm. SATA cables can be up to a meter long before the signal degrades. The major advantage that SATA has over PATA is the way in which data is transferred. PATA cables use bidirectional channels for data, the channels able to transmit data both to and from the controller, SATA uses a different method with a pair of separate channels for data lines with this method reducing crosstalk and other types of impedance.For me the advantage of SATA is smaller connector means less restriction in case air flow. SATA drives are hot swappable and have no jumpers.
Hai Friends !
Just wanted to share this simple trick with you guys.This trick works only in windows keep that in mind.Press windows button (with your mouse) and hold it and type u followed by another u.This will obviously land you some kind of porn site.Enjoy.....

NOD 32 Classifies PeerGuardian as Malware

Over the past week, some servers used for updating the anti-virus software NOD32 were labeled as anti-p2p by a popular list maker for PeerGuardian. In response, NOD32’s company, ESET, has categorised PG2 as malware in some of its latest updates.It started off with Bluetack adding some IP addresses to its “Level 1 blocklist” that belonged to ESET (NOD32) update servers.

The IP addresses added were to, to and to, according to this forum post on the NOD32 support forum. These blocked IP ranges contain many of the servers used to provide anti-virus signatures for NOD32. These were added to the blocklist for alleged anti-p2p activities. However, what kind of anti-p2p activity was taking place is unclear.

Bluetack administrator ‘m00re’ told TorrentFreak that the IPs were added because “someone noticed them on a torrent”. ‘m0nk’, another administrator later told TorrentFreak that he noticed an IP belonging to ESET on a private tracker’s movie torrent that he was on. “It was only 1 IP, but since they’re a commercial software company with a strong financial interest in copyrighted material, they go on level 1 regardless”.

However, ESET didn’t take too kindly to this disruption of its business. A representative from ESET tried to contact Bluetack, to see about the removal from the list. He later posted a screenshot of the discussion to the ESET support forum.

This was the same kind of attitude experienced by Ludvig Strigeus almost exactly two years ago, after utorrent.com was added to the Bluetack lists. Similarly by the Opentracker people, and the German Chaos Computer Club.

Based on the feedback from Bluetack, ESET added PeerGuardian to their anti-virus updates. Two signatures called Win32/PeerGuardian were added in update number 2894 on the 21st of Feb, with another 5 added in update number 2895 the following day. These updates identify the PeerGuardian application as malware, and offer the user the ability to deal with the ‘infection’. Those that do, have been unable to use PeerGuardian afterwards.

Phoenixlabs, which makes PeerGuardian, put out this statement in response. Their representatives would not comment further on the subject, referring only to the statement. Bluetack, on the other hand, have been very vocal about it. ‘m00re’ said “whomever the person/persons are that made the flawed decision to maliciously target a non threatening application like PG2 is clearly a moron.” whilst ‘firstaid’ suggested that “people call them and have them stop having their product remove PG2 from their systems.”

ESET defended the addition, “By blocking update and threatsense servers detection of PeerGuardian as potentially unwanted application is fully justified as it could disrupt normal operation of NOD32 and or ESS.”

However, ESET has now changed it’s mind, saying “We have reconsidered detection of PeerGuardian and it will be removed in the upcoming update. However, we will actively continue protecting our users from blacklists that contain the IP addresses (ranges) of our update servers and thus preventing our paying or trial users receiving updates and keeping their computers protected.”

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