Intel corporation is the world's largest manafacturer of semiconductor devices.It was founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noycein 1968.Intel is the inventor X86 processors which modern day PC's use.Other than CPU's they also manafacture motherboards,network cards,graphics chips,flash memmory and so many things.
AMD(Advanced Micro Devices) is an american semiconductor manafacturing company which holds the second place next to INTEL .Other than CPU's they also manafacture Graphics Processors,Motherboards and many other products. AMD also owns ATI technologies.


I hope the introduction is enough about AMD and INTEL corporations.Many of the people here in INDIA do have a confusion whether to buy INTEL or AMD CPU for their PC(don't know the case with other countries).I too had the same confusion when i was about to buy my PC (I already owned an INTEL CPU based PC).But I was pretty sure that i was going to buy an AMD or INTEL dual core CPU. So I searched the internet spending a whole lot of time hoping to find a solution which one is better.Most of the sites suggested AMD dual core CPU's are way better than INTEL.Here in INDIA they used to say AMD processors have overheating problem and INTEL is lot better than AMD and the vendors also told me the same and recommended me buying INTEL.Despite these warnings I decided to give a try on AMD,and I bought a PC with AMD dual core (X2 3800+,ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard) CPU.

My experience with INTEL:
My first computer had an INTEL CPU(not dual core) with an INTEL motherboard .It was more reliable and gave me a descent performance worth the money .I'm not a serious gamer but do a little gaming.My INTEL CPU did'nt support any games(did'nt even run them with low settings).But other than gaming it's performance was satisfactory.

My experience with AMD:
My second performed much more better than i expected .It performed much better than INTEL dual core CPU's(some of friends own INTEL dual core CPU's).It supported most of the modern
day games atleast playable with low settings(Thanks to my ASUS motherboard).I felt greatly sattisfied with my AMD dual core CPU.

Quad Core CPU's:
Now Quad core CPU's from both INTEL and AMD have arrived in the market.Most of the reviews suggest that INTEL's performance benchmarks are much better than AMD CPUs.
If you are about to buy a dual core cpu and you are really serious about gaming I highly
recommend you to go for AMD.And If I'm about to buy a Quad core cpu I'll go for INTEL.

How to Add a Paypal Donation Button? is the international service used for money transfer. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer. You may have seen the Donate buttons from Paypal on many blogs. These allow your blog visitors to express their satisfaction about your blog in a monetary way.

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Check this out ..Just wanted to share this interesting thing with u guys
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According to me it's the best ever game made for PC.No other game in PC has that much intersting combat sequels as in Prince Of Persia Warrior within.The Prince (the main character of the game)
can run through walls,jump from pillars to pilars,walk through ledges..His acrobatic skills are totally amazing..The Prince can dual wield weapons and throw his secondary weapon. He also has the ability to perform several combos and charge attacks. In addition, the Prince can use the environment to his advantage, such as by bouncing off of walls to attack enemies..
The story of Prince Of Persia begins from it's predecessor Sands Of Time.The Prince opens the sands of time and so Dahaka the guardian of timeline chases him..In order to escape from Dahaka the prince travels back to the island of time...The game has two different endings..In the normal ending the prince has to fight with Kaileena the empress of time.To get the alternate ending the player has to go through all the life upgrades in the game.Then the prince has to face Dahaka who is really a tough opponent ..It took me 3 hours to defeat the Dahaka..After defeating the Dahaka the prince goes back to Babylon unknowing a new trouble waits for him in Babylon..
I would recommend everyone who love third person action adventure games to give a try on this game.Surely everyone will love this game once they get themselves involved with the storyline...ESRB has rated this game Mature as this game some brutual bloody(The way the prince slaughters his enemies) violence.....I also felt that Prince Of Persia Warrior Within is the best game in Prince of Persia trilogy..

Links to sites containing Prince ofPersia FAQ's and Guides:

Download Prince Of Persia Wallpapers here:

Speed up folder browsing in Xp

This is a simple registry trick to increase the speed of folder browsing in windows Xp

Step 1:


Run--->type regedit

this will open registryeditor window for you..

from there navigate to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop (or alternatively
you can directly search for the key menushowdelay)from
there change the value of menushowdelay
key to whatever you desire..
By default it will be 400.Decreasing the value
will cause windows to open menus
quicker..So set the value to anything between
the range 20 to 200...After changing the values
restart your computer...This will make your windows Xp
open menus faster...This simple registry trick will be
useful for users having low end computers..

Prince of Persia Wallpapers

Download prince of persia high resolution wallpapers here...

Download Link:

Password: Wawdy24

Download videos from Youtube

How to download videos from sites like Youtube and Megavideo??

Ever wondered how to download videos from video hosting sites like youtube,megavideo etc...

Just go to and paste the youtube video url .It will provide you with the download link. By this way you can download videos directly to your hard disk .After downloading the file just change the extension to ".flv"and you can play the video in VLC media player.

Download VLC media player here

Download flv codec for media player here

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