Korean Movies


My first Korean movie:

Since my childhood i have been watching many movies regularly.I usually watch tamil and English (hollywood movies) rarely some hindi and telugu movies.The first korean movie i saw was in my friends home.My Sassy Girl was the first korean movie i came across.Initially at the starting of the movie i had no interest in watching the whole movie. After watching few scenes i really got into the movie.The movie was really funny and made me laugh throughout the whole length of the movie..Finally it made my eyes shed tears.After then i really started watching a lot of korean movies and i felt that many of the korean movies were really good and much better than many of the hollywood romances and comedies.

Impact Of Korean movies on World Cinema:

Korean movies have attracted huge section of audiences from all around the world.Korean movies have attracted people from North eastern India.Korean movies are nowadays released in many theaters here in India.Even Hollywood has started showing interests on Korean movies.Many of the success full korean movies are being remade in hollywood.If you really have some good interests on romance movies then give a try on korean movies.

Movies to start with:

1.My sassy girl (romantic comedy)
2.My little bride (romantic comedy)
3.Il mare( romance,sci-fiction)

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