Prince of Persia Warrior Within

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According to me it's the best ever game made for PC.No other game in PC has that much intersting combat sequels as in Prince Of Persia Warrior within.The Prince (the main character of the game)
can run through walls,jump from pillars to pilars,walk through ledges..His acrobatic skills are totally amazing..The Prince can dual wield weapons and throw his secondary weapon. He also has the ability to perform several combos and charge attacks. In addition, the Prince can use the environment to his advantage, such as by bouncing off of walls to attack enemies..
The story of Prince Of Persia begins from it's predecessor Sands Of Time.The Prince opens the sands of time and so Dahaka the guardian of timeline chases him..In order to escape from Dahaka the prince travels back to the island of time...The game has two different endings..In the normal ending the prince has to fight with Kaileena the empress of time.To get the alternate ending the player has to go through all the life upgrades in the game.Then the prince has to face Dahaka who is really a tough opponent ..It took me 3 hours to defeat the Dahaka..After defeating the Dahaka the prince goes back to Babylon unknowing a new trouble waits for him in Babylon..
I would recommend everyone who love third person action adventure games to give a try on this game.Surely everyone will love this game once they get themselves involved with the storyline...ESRB has rated this game Mature as this game some brutual bloody(The way the prince slaughters his enemies) violence.....I also felt that Prince Of Persia Warrior Within is the best game in Prince of Persia trilogy..

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    On October 10, 2008 at 11:15 PM Anonymous said...

    I hate how the general consensus is that this is the black sheep of the trilogy. Everyone (both critics and fans alike) is of the opinion that Warrior Within is the weakest of the Prince of Persia series but I personally think it's the best by a long long way.

    On November 19, 2008 at 5:02 AM Anonymous said...

    Every series of games needs a bit of variety

    I like how this game is slightly Zelda-esque, for instance

    I wouldn't be happy if the entire trilogy played like this, though - the series needs all of them


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