XBOX 360 vs PS3 vs Wii

I agree with you when you say the games for the PS3 are for older audiences. The Xbox 360 is a rather wide range, but has lots of shooters and driving games, which he might like but would probably get bored of them quickly. The PS3 is EXTREMELY expensive, and in my opinion a waste of money. The Blu-Ray system is far too expensive, and so the cons out weight the pros. However, the systems are very reliable, with only a 0.2% chance of system failure, or something like that. Xbox 360's are unreliable, and if they overheat you get the Red Rings of Death, which is a sure sign of permanent system failure. The DVD drives are normally faulty, and the lasers break a lot. There are some very good games however, and the Xbox will be good to you if you look after it. Wiis are a lot cheaper than both consoles, more reliable and the games for Wii are for a wide range of audiences.

Comparing Game Prices:
PS3: Average New Game Price: $130.00
Xbox 360: Average New Game Price: $110.00
Wii: Average New Game Price: $90.00

...not to say the games are better for PS3 and worse for Wii, though. PS3 has it's really good games, like Resistance: Fall of Man (aimed at older audiences...) but also has it's terrible ones, like Lair which the movement controls don't work properly in. Xbox 360 has some great games too, like Perfect Dark Zero which I quite enjoy playing. It doesn't have any that are totally absymal, so it is good. Wii has some games that people believe are perfect, like Zelda: Twilight Princess (I am one of them, note my profile picture) but there are some really bad ones which you need to stay away from, such as Rampage: Total Destruction.

So in the end, it is really up to you. Only get an Xbox 360 if you look after your things and doesn't go destroying all your stuff. Don't get a PS3, they are a waste. Choose between a Wii or an Xbox 360 for him. I am sure he will love either of them!

My final ratings:
PS3 - 6/10. Most of the games are short, shallow and not very good anyway. But there are some very good ones, and the system is very reliable so won't break down easily.
XBOX - 8/10. Due to the high amount of system failures, the Xbox gets a lower rating. But it has some great games, and if you look after it will last you for a long time.
WII - 8/10. The system is revolutionary, ingenious and amazing. There are some spectacular games, but there are some bad ones too which lowers the rating. Also, they chomp through the remote batteries.


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