Changing Indian Culture

Indian culture can be considered as one among the richest cultures in the world.Indian culture has it's very unique qualities,nowadays Indian people are feeling shy to be a part of Indian culture.Indian culture has become one amongst the fastest changing cultures in the world.Indian people are greatly attracted and influenced by the western culture.Though western culture has brought some good things to our culture it also has it's adverse effects.During olden days having sex before marriage was considered as a big sin.These days even high school kids are having sex without knowing much about sex.Though many people have started to feel there is nothing bad in having sex before marriage,I feel it is very bad and it 's ruining our culture.

In the past few years sexual crimes have increased very rapidly in India.I feel the main cause for this steep increase in sex related crimes is mainly due to the change in attitude of our people and adopting western culture in a half baked way.Western culture has it's own good and bads,There is nothing wrong adopting the good side but our people always looking for the bad side and are readily accepting it.The main reason for this change in our culture is due to the fact that our indian youths have started earning much and they want to enjoy their life spending lavishly .There is nothing wrong in spending money but many these highly earning high profile software engineers don't have any time to care for their parents.last week i came across an old age home run by my uncle who has dedicated his life for the social welfare most of the people residing their are dropped out there by their very own children.

The sad and bitter truth behind most of the parents living in these old age homes is their children are rich yet they care very less for their parents,and many of them don't even give money to their parents.Adopting western culture has taken a lot of good things from our Indian people it has greatly affected our family setups the way people dress their is nothing wrong with a girl wearing a jeans and t-shirt,but writing inspirational quotes like"Dare to touch" and barely wearing anything like a dress are bringing a total shame to our culture.Social drinking has become common among Indian people.Many of my friends(almost everyone) mostly in their twenty's drink every weekend.People just ask yourselves what's the pointing of being and behaving artificial??Try to respect our culture.In this fast changing world adopting western culture in some situations is essential but try to learn only the good things from them.Be proud to be a native Indian cultured Indian.


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