Difference between mac and windows?

The really comprehensive answer will make a very thick book.but i'll answer this question the shortest i can,but it still can be very long.so get ready for eyestrains......:-)*(I recently upgraded my system i built myself to a triple boot pc with XP Pro SP2 and Vista Ultimate,and Linux Obuntu installed just to let you know that i have a vast experience ...:)
so now,let's do an UNBIASED comparison.both have strong and weak points.sometimes a pc can do a job faster than a mac,or inversely,some jobs are better done with a mac.software:the main difference is how the two OS's handle programs or applications.macs don't have the "registry problem",and dll file problems.with windows,you have this - install/uninstall problem with your applications.programs in windows should be "registered"(installed) with the os first to be able to run and to use resources like printers,network connections,etc.with a mac,you don't have that complicated process.usually installation is just dragging the icon into the applications folder.you can even run the program WITHOUT installing it.and if you don't need the program anymore you just trash it,drag it into the bin.end of story.no registry hassles.(some files are put into your library folder or systems folder,but still easy to delete).and if you accidentally delete a library file,osx will still boot up normally.relaunching the application usually restores the deleted file.meaning the WHOLE system is not affected,unlike in windows,where a registry entry deletion mistake can be fatal,affecting the whole system.the gravest mistake a mac user can make is deleting the "home" folder,BUT still,in that case,osx WILL STILL BOOT UP,albeit with the default settings.you still have acces to your files in the os,UNLIKE in windows.also, programs errors are usually not system wide in osx.meaning,when a program stops responding you just "force quit" it.the entire system is not affected,unlike in windows where program "hangs" and "freezes" affect the whole os,making it unstable or most of the time freezes the whole system,requiring reboot.well sometimes,the "end task"in task manager works,depending mainly on how much the "frozen" program is bogging down the windows system.but most of the time,the only option is to hot reboot.consequently losing whatever you were working on,consequently wasting all that time and effort on that project.

Its's basically the difference on how the two operating systems handle programs written for them.and macs seem to be handle that area well.osx has a bundled software called iLife.you can do a lot of things with it straight out of the box.if you are going to use the computer for your personal video footage editing,for example,osx is better because of the bundled software.windows movie maker can't hold a candle to iMovie.and if your going to use a third party movie editor for windows,like adobe premiere,it's going to cost you a lot of money.even music files are handled better and faster by a mac,like file format conversions.it even has garage band if you're into making or mixing your own music.with a pc,you need 3rd party software for that,like n-Track or Cakewalk.negative side of mac software is fewer software choices compared to windows..but that is changing fast now.with windows is you get a lot of choices for compatible software.and it's the same case for all types of programs.because windows is more popular,more software is available for it,a program for any job,be it a video converter or editor,mp3 software,image editor,spreadsheet program,database software,compiler,hex editor,CADD programs,games,flash software,3D applications,any program at all,there is one(usually more)available for windows,some for free,some you have to pay for.and still for the same reason,because windows is more popular,there are more viruses,malware,trojans and spyware that affects it.unlike macs which don't have the same problem.

But windows has better networking capabilities,in spite of it's security issues.by networking,i meant as in an office environment,like LAN.another thing is if you learn to be a power user in windows,you can tweak your os any which way you like,up to a certain level,from overclocking your cpu,changing the word "start" in your start menu to any name you wish,to changing how your GUI (graphical user interface) looks and feel.you can also do that with macs but only to add functions to programs by writing "apple scripts"-small programs that add special functions to programs on macs.also,macs can run multiple OS's on compatible machines,either virtually,on older models,or natively,on newer intel based machines.you can run osx and xp,vista and even linux,either as separate boot partitons or as parallel operating systems.

Hardware:one thing i have to say is,hardware counts for just half of the machine's performance,the other 50% is really the operating system.much like a ferrari won't amount to nothing in the racetrack in the hands of a poor driver.both are equally important - the driver and the car.no matter how powerful your cpu is,or how "high-end" expensive your system in general is,it won't count much if you got a lousy operating system.everything is just wasted.like the analogy of the ferrari,the potential and power and performance of the car is wasted,if driven by a lousy driver.so that is what makes macs better than pc's,in a sense and in many ways.all the potential of the hardware is utilized to the fullest extent on a mac machine.that is the main reason that macs are more stable than windows machines.because of hardware-software compatibility.with windows,the hardware is usually made by different manufacturers from different countries.so there is a large margin for software errors and compatibility issues,like drivers etc.on macs,the hardware and software is made by one company(some components are outsourced to limited and selected countries like china).what it really means is that microsoft is a SOFTWARE-ONLY company,while apple is BOTH a SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE COMPANY.and also,sweet thing about macs is you just plug in your peripheral and it works,most digital cameras,scanners,printers,etc..they just work.most devices don't need drivers like in windows,some do though,again i said,some.the one very important negative thing about mac's is,-they are not hardware upgradable.very limited on what you can upgrade on a mac.unlike windows machines where you can upgrade anything and everything - even build your own system from scratch - from cabinets,psu's,motherboards,cpu,vga cards,sound cards,etc.you can expand the functions of your windows machine.even personalize it.ever see a pc with a transparent case with colored lights?even the fans spin with multi-colored lights.this is called "modding" your pc.and as for gaming,windows is better.still for the reason that it's the more popular os,more progammers and developers make more games for it,while manufacturers make better hardware and devices for these games.like faster vga (or PCI x-press)cards with more built-in memory,monitors with high resolution-low dot pitch specs with faster pixel response time (in ms).because in really serious gaming,monitors need faster response time required by games with dynamic textured backgrounds which is displayed at very high resolutions.

So the conclusion is:with a windows machine you can do more,actually a lot more.but if you have the software for a mac to do the same job,the mac will do the job better and faster.and it is a more stable machine.if you do the same job on a mac and a pc with the same specs.ie,processor speed,bus width and speed,ram capacity and speed,data pipelines,south and north bridge DTT(data transfer rate on an ATX mobo),HDD rpm,access time and latency rate,etc., the mac will do better everytime.going back to the racecar analogy,like two identical ferrari's,one with michael shumacher driving and the other one with a lesser known average driver.or a glof club with tiger woods or a tennis racquet with roger federer,same equipments,different ways of handling and employing and utilizing them.and in that field,mac osx is a champ.


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