IIT Bombay blocks internet access to it's hostels

IIT Bombay one of India's top technical education institutes has blocked the internet access to it's hostels.IIT Bombay says providing unlimited internet connection to hostels affects the performance of it's students.It says that most of it's students are misusing their privileges and many of them get addicted to blogging and social networking.Many of the students stay awake till morning playing games and surfing and going to bed in the morning this affects the attendance and performance of the student,This change in habit creates a lot of stress in the minds of the students.Depression and dysfunctional lifestyles are known to be common among IIT students, and in the past five years at least nine have committed suicide.IIT-Mumbai has experienced two suicides in two years and many suicidal attempts.

So,IIT has planned to block the internet access to it's hostels from 11 PM to 12:30 PM.But students are feeling bad about this decision to cut down the internet connection.Several blogs from IIT students are reflecting their anger towards this decision.Well according to me it's up to the students to whether to use their privileges in the right way,Even my college network administrator has blocked the internet access fro 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM but this hasn't changed my habit of going to bed at 4:00 may be sometimes i used stay awake till 5:00 and continue surfing.The main disadvantage is many of the administrators only block the internet access and not the Local Area Network so students can still play games with their friends who are connected in the LAN.


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