Shedding tears watching movies????

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Most of the times when i watch movies i used to shed tears during sad moments in the movie.I used to wonder why my tears break down simply watching movies.I have noticed this similar case with some of my friends also.Another thing i have noticed is most of these people who shed tears don't shed tears much during real life sad moments(not true with everyone),then what makes them cry watching movies.There could be one simple answer for this maybe because these kind of people consider themselves to be the leading character in the movie to whom you feel pity for and shed tears.If that's the case and if it's true most of the people don't cry watching the movie or for situation in the movie,but they do cry for themselves.For example consider the movie forrest Gump tears filled my eyes during 3 or 4 occasions in the movie.After watching the movie i was sitting down thinking about the movie whole night and why did the movie bring tears to my eyes,well after thinking for hours i came to a conclusion that i was thinking myself as Forrest and tears came down feeling pity for myself while watching the movie.Now what i'm really thinking is,Is this the case with everyone who shed tears on watching movies.If you do cry watching movies ask yourself some questions like why did i cry watching this movie??If you find this true(ie,thinking yourself as a part of the movie)then leave me a comment on this post.Even if you find the claim to be false do reply a comment about the actual reason you found out for your tears.


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