Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park Remake ‘The Odd Couple’


MTV News producer Yasmine Richard spent yesterday afternoon on the set of Busta Rhymes’ video for “We Made It,” featuring the boys of Linkin Park. She wrote in from the abandoned warehouse in downtown LA:

So we spent the first hour waiting and watching director Chris Robinson’s crew set up Mike Shinoda’s piano solo shot. And when Mr. Shinoda rolled up, he told us he had some fond memories: Linkin Park shot the cover of their second album, the massive Meteora, right on that spot.

And, you know how it goes: 2 1/2 hours later we’re still waiting — when Bussa Bus, Mike, and Chester start shooting their performance. I’ve got to say, it’s an unusual-looking group to see together. Seriously. But somehow, when Chris paired the visuals with the vibe of the song, it just felt right.

Whatever. You’ll have to wait like everybody else until this thing premieres…

Busta’s newly re-titled album, Blessed, is due this summer. But for now, you can check out some more exclusive snaps from the “We Made It” set.


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