MonaRonaDona Virus?

MonaRonaDona is a fairly new malware.

It is (yet another) scam to get the victim to purchase a "fix" for the problem. Yes, first they infect your machine and they they offer to remove the infection for a price. Something called Unigray Anti-virus. How nice. Don't be conned. It's pure extortion. Unigray Anti-Virus didn't even exist 3 weeks ago. And (surprise, surprise) it can remove nothing but RonaDonaRona. For 40 bux!

Here is one manual removal procedure from one of the Microsoft forums:
Scroll down to a post by "HVredeling" which was posted Mar 1 at 1208 AM UTC.

Here is more removal information:

Kaspersky Anti-virus is now detecting MonaRonaRona, but they don't say if they can actually remove it yet:

Just be aware that not only does "Mona" deface your Title Bar and terminate applications, but it has been known to disable your Task Manager (try it and see) and hijack Google search results. Entering "monadonarona" will not return actual Google search results. Instead it redirects to planted pages, falsely touting that Unigray Anti-Virus as a solution.


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