The Great Mars Monkey Hoax

Marsmonkey If you visit the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, you can still see the infamous "Monkey from Mars," a hoax that spurred a case of UFO fever back in 1953. That was the year that three guys -- two barbers and a butcher -- took a dead monkey, chopped off its tail, removed its hair and pour green coloring over the whole mess.

They left the poor dead beast in the road, the police took a report and soon the Air Force was looking into the story. Eventually, GBI experts got to examine the corpse. Snip:

"If it came from Mars, they have monkeys on Mars," Hines was quoted as saying in an article at the time by The Associated Press that is set beside the monkey in the appointment-only museum.

Where the men got the monkey is not clear. Watters, Wilson and Payne eventually admitted to the hoax and Watters paid a $40 fine for obstructing a highway.


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