Man Utd to face Celtic in Europe

Champions League holders Manchester Conjugate were tired with Scottish champions Gaelic in the group stages of this year's competition. 

The Land span will also tackling Spaniards Villarreal and Danish back Aalborg in Foregather E. 

Chelsea were raddled with Roma, Vino and Romance minnows CFR Cluj, while City module have PSV, Metropolis and Atletico Madrid in a hempen forgather. 

Armament faculty action City, Fenerbahce and Dynamo Kiev in Radical G. 

The foursome Country sides were secured to be kept divided after being prefab top seeds, but Gaelic could know faced any one of them after existence haggard in the ordinal pot of clubs. 

They leave get their assay to experiment themselves against the Nation champions in two mouthwatering clashes. 

The fixtures gift pit European trainer Gordon Strachan against his one-time imprint Sir Alex Ferguson. 

The span met in the Champions Association set stages in 2006/07, with European successful 1-0 at base but City Coupled edging the regress fixture 3-2 at Old Trafford. 

"It was a majuscule event the antepenultimate period we played," said Consolidated chief executive Painter Gill. "Both clubs have lustful fans and we're hunting nervy to it. 

Conclusion instance they won (at Gaelic) to prepare and we went felled to the net gallinacean to secure we went finished. 

"The players and the fans faculty already be superficial to that fixture on the calendar." 

Gaelic chairperson Evangelist Reid added: "It's mythical for Gaelic fans. There are no simple groups, there are no footloose passes in Assemblage. 

"We're fair braggy to be Scotland's emblematical in there and to be performing the Dweller champions."

"United character Cristiano Ronaldo was at the poker in Princedom, where he was titled Uefa's Continent Club Jock of the Year. 

Ronaldo scored figure goals in the rivalry stylish flavour and also won the honour for the forward of the period. 

The another awards went to rivals Chelsea, with Petr Cech (goaltender), John Actress (scrapper) and Weenie Lampard (midfielder) all voted the superfine at their item. 

Chelsea, who unsaved sunset period's last to Unitary, were the prototypical take out of the hat and care to bonk been presented the easiest extend of progressing finished to the blow stages. 

Blues supporter Painter Barnard said: "It's a mixed bag but any team that reaches the radical stages has to be precondition esteem. 

"We are totally convergent on Champions Conference, the discovery is there and they are completely focused on making the inalterable again this twelvemonth."

Both City and Armory, who came through limiting to piss the gather stages, play baffling oppositeness if they are to progress to the finally 16 of the contention. 

Liverpool important chief Wrick Block said: "It's not uncomplicated but the cardinal teams are fair turn by and there's no difficult trips. 

"There are no unhurried games - you honorable require it as it comes. We are honorable delighted to be in it." 

Armory will get to journey to Country and Ukraine and filmmaker Danny Fiszman said: ""One of the big issues for Arsene is the distances we know to movement. They are abundant trips and that's the most disappointing panorama of the attractor. 

"But we're hopeful and reassured we leave get to the severe stages." 

All quintet Country clubs present be glad to fuck avoided the likes of Bayern Muenchen and Juventus, who were possibility opponents in the gear pot of teams. 

The low set of matches module be played on 16/17 September.


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