The World is meant for others too...

Sometimes we humans tend to forget about the fact this world is meant for other living things too.By driving other living organisms to extinction we humans are progressing in the steps to make ourself most vulnerable to a lot of things.When i used to be a small kid i used to see Vultures near my school.But i don't see any of them there nowadays and i was very shocked to know that vultures have made it to the list of extinct species of birds here in India.Within the past  few years population of voltures declined by more than 98% which is really shocking and totally unacceptable.Visit here to know more about the extinction of vultures in India.This is the similar case with Panda bears.The Only comforting releif is the WWF  taking a lot measures to save these creatures from extinction and if you are really interested in supporting them Sign this petition to save the Pandas.I have already signed this petition and i want everyone to give their support by signing it.


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