Good video making software besides Windows Movie Maker(wmm)

Few weeks back my friend was working on a short film.He needed a video editing software and the obvious choice was windows movie maker(you get that free). He was busy with his film-editing, adding effects, syncing the sound etc... and i was loitering around him.I could clearly see the agony and distraught in his face and not even once he was happy with this software throughout his project.So I decided to find the best software for this application and browsed through several pages and downloaded few trial versions of some famous softwares.

As of me the top three video softwares among the lot is

1) AdobePremiereElements
2) Ulead Video Studio
3) Sony Vegas

You can download a free trial of the software mentioned above. If your looking for a list of free video editing software, take a look at the source below.

If you want super good like Sony Vegas, your going to have to buy it, so if you like Sony Vegas, bite the bullet and buy it or one of the others. You wont find real good free ones, besides Windows Movie Maker, that's about the best you can get for free.

If you have MAC I would suggest you to go for imovie though I haven`t used it personally I believe in APPLE products.


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