Make Your XP look better

There are a lot of ways to make your XP look better.Here i have listed out some ways that i use to make my XP look better.

Google desktop:This is a free tool from google which really enhances your Xp.Immediately after installation it indexes all the files and folders in your PC.After indexing you can use it for searching files and folders in your PC.It also has a sidebar which contains really cool gadgets . You can custimise and also can add new gadgets to your sidebar.The sidebar is the coolest feature of google desktop.
Download Google desktop here

Vista transformation pack:

For those who want to make your desktop look like Vista vista transformation pack would be really helpful.This one makes all your icons,bootscreen,login look similar to vista.3d desktop feature is also available in it's latest release.Vista transformation pack is very light on resources.
It comes as a freeware product

Download Vista Transformation pack here

Flyakite Osx:
This software makes your PC look like a mac.It patches all XP icons.It changes XP bootscreen,login window,Control Panel icons and start menu.If you are really interested in a mac and you don't want to buy a mac then give try to Flyakite Osx.It's the best way to make your XP
look like a Mac.Use latest version of Rk launcher dock along with Flyakite Osx to make your PC look like a Mac .It is a freeware product.
Download Flyakite Osx

You can also use other private 3rd party applications like Windowblinds and StyleXp to visually enhance your PC . These applications give you a lot more customization options.


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