Hackintosh Gone Wrong


When i first heard about emulating Mac Osx on PC from my friend.I did'nt beleive him.Then he showed me his PC booting up Mac Osx without any problem .So,last weekend i decided to give a try on emulating Mac Osx on my PC.Before trying i decided to take a back up all my data.So, i copied all my data to a friend's PC. After backing up all my data i got a bootable DVD of Hackintosh(Mac OSx for PC) from my friend.My friend told me to follow the same procedure of installing windows to install Mac Osx.
So i inserted the dvd and made my PC boot from DVD.It booted up well after showing some scribbles for sometime like around 10 minutes it went inside the installer screen.Everything went fine till this part.In the install options it showed only my DVD drive and not my SATA hard disk.
I searched many forums and found that no SATA support is available for nforce 4 SATA controller.So last weekend turned out to be a sad and frustrating weekend for me.Thank God i made a back up of all my data.Here are my PC specs:

AMD 3800X2 processor
250 gig seagate SATA HDD
Asus M2NPV-VM mother board

DVD used :uphuck 1.4i released by KILL33R

Some of my friends have successfully installed Mac Osx tiger on their Intel PC.Anyway rather than trying to emulate Mac Osx on a PC it would be better to a buy a Mac book to experience the full power of Mac Osx .Now I'm planning to get a Mac book this July.If you really want to try it on a PC before buying a Mac book these websites might help you a lot getting through the process.



    On November 23, 2008 at 4:49 AM Anonymous said...

    Hey its work ok the mac eumtation doesn't iut? I found a good set of instructins to install it



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