Do you take a lot of time to write a blog post?

Do you take a lot of time to write a blog post? A lot depends on how well you can type. If you don�t type well, you should try out some freely available Typing Tutot Software improve yourself. The better you get at typing, the lesser time you need to spend on writing the post.

While there are many softwares that teach you to type faster, the freeware that I liked the most so far was TypeFaster that teaches you how to touch-type and improve your typing speed.

This program has been designed to teach people to touch-type. Touch-typing is a skill that can be learnt with practice and perseverance. Touch-typing is a method of typing which uses 8 fingers and one thumb. Touchtypists do not have to look at the keyboard to find the keys they want to type.

When you first start TypeFaster, it introduces you to the software and gives you basic info like what are homekeys and which keys each of your finger should rest on. Once you are ready you can start the tutor.


TypeFaster even includes a 3D game make learning to touch-type more interesting.

TypeFaster Game

Speaking of games, here are some more that will help you improve your typing speed:

You can find more typing games at and

Do you know any other good softwares or games to help improve typing speed?


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