Hello Friends....


Hello friends ..I have a small doubt about which countries movies are really the best (ie,what most people think). So to find out what other peoples around the world think.I have created a poll in my blog and I request you people (ie,Friends who visit my blog) to cast your vote.I've included hollywood in the options which is not a country(as i consider hollywood as american movies) .If you feel that i've excluded any possible choices...Just leave your comment in the shoutbox or send a mail to praveen2087@gmail.com... I'll include them to my poll as soon as i come across your comment...I personally consider Hollywood and Korean movies are really good and much better than other country movies...

Thank you for contributing to my blog...Stay in touch.....


    Hey buddy. Just noticed my name on ur fellow bloggers list. That shows ur size of ur heart. Thanks. And I will return the same when I have a chance.
    By the way My nick name is Balal and not Bala . Actually it is formed out of my middle and my last name. i.e Ba from Basil and Lal from Lal. Thus Ba+Lal = Balal.


    It was my best friend Anto P who named me so and he called me Balal first. I just love this name. Its not cool and funky. But its me. Ha ha


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