Apple cuts down ipod and iphone production rate

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Apple has cut down the production of ipod and iphones by more than 35%.According reports from Craig Berger, an analyst with FBR Research the sales of ipod and iphone have declined two times in the past 2 months.He also reported that apple is experiencing a week sell through from the fourth calendar quarter of the year 2007 till now.

Also reports conclude that ipod touch is experiencing the weakest sales compared with apples other products.The main reason for ipos touch's decline in sales are due to it's over rated price and it's use of Wi-fi for connectivity so users out of range with Wi-fi connection cannot connect online.
Berger also concluded that sales of apples imac and mac books have increased by 20%. Apple is trying expand it's Asian market as the demand for apples product in Asia has increased dramatically in 2007.


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