How to block spyware?

Follow the steps given below to protect your computer from pop-ups and spyware.

Go to, download lavasoft ad-aware (free), install it, check for updates, run a full system scan... delete anything that comes up.
on also download spybot search & destroy (free).. install it, update it, and then instead of running a scan, run a immunization (dont use spybot for its scan, only immunize)..., download avg free edition anti-virus, update it, run a scan.. this antivirus finds much more viruses then norton or macafee..
also, delete all of ur interenet temp files and cookies by go to tools, internet options in internet explorer..

whats popping up isnt internet pop-ups, its spyware pop ups, so thats y ur pop up blocker isnt working.. u need to do all of the above, and you will be good to go.


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