Lady Prince Of Persia

Tomb raider Anniversary is the most popular game in the tomb raider franchise.This game is very much similar to Prince Of Persia games .All the acrobatic moves are very much similar to Prince of Persia games.But the combat sequels are something new and different from pop games.Lara Croft(Angelina Jolie ) is the main leading character of the game.

Tomb Raider Anniversary follows the tale of Lara's hunt for the Scion of Atlantis as she does battle with conniving businesswoman Jacqueline Natlas and her various henchmen. You'll explore ancient tombs and forgotten cities in Peru, Greece, Egypt, and more, performing plenty of death-defying acrobatics as you work your way through massive, ancient, and often deadly puzzles. The whole experience is highly evocative of the original, and there are certainly plenty of moments that seem specifically designed to create an odd sense of déjà vu; but nothing in Tomb Raider Anniversary has been regurgitated verbatim--everything is bigger and better. The environments are larger and more detailed, and existing puzzles have been elaborated upon, to an incredible degree. The experience just feels bigger, and there's so much new content that it honestly feels less like a remake and more like its own game.

Compared to Prince Of Persia and it's previous versions this game is a little bit tough and difficult
for players.Especially the bosses are really tough to face in the hardest difficulty settings.To successfully complete this games players should be more quick with the control schemes.The ingame environment and graphics are really cool..You can fight with crocs,dinos..,,climb tall buildings,statues....,,,explore ruined temples and lot more things..

Anyone who likes Prince Of Persia and previous versions of Tomb raider games will definitely find this game much interesting.So every Prince Of Persia lovers can give a try to this game.


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