Online Money Scam

Friends,if u receive any notification to join in a site
named ,please make sure
that you are not pulled towards it.

The site says,it pays the registered users on the
basis of clicking ads.It's not sure because,when you join itself
they offer you $5.
Who offers this amount jus for signing up ?
Just think over it.

More over they don't even verify your mail id,
immediately after your registration you are automatically signed in
and for signing bonus you get $5,and after that you are
asked to click on 5 ads,after that they say,you have earned
$7.50. good joke.!!!

My friends are folling themselves ,please don't join.

Seems to be fraud as there is no concrete
records or guarantee from the company that you are
paid money.moreover for your clarification
please read the terms and conditions
carefully and you decide for yourself.
Click image to enlarge

please my friends don't join....


    super..inform everyone


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