Port forwarding...........?

When i downloaded bittorrent and installed it for first time I can never open my ports. I have internet hooked up to a netopia modem, which is hooked to a dlink router, and nothing I do is opening ANY port that I need.I came across a lot of bum steer form google search.Then one of my friend who is a techieXpert and the most prolific Xpert i have ever come across came to my help.He gave me 2 ways to do this

1.Go to the and set up IP Passthrough TO the router. Then in your computer setup a static IP. Then the ports should be opened.

If this does n work just follow the steps below

2.If the modem is a routing modem, you have to emasculate the router*. You also have to either turn off your firewall or allow utorrent's port in the firewall (the same port you forward).

Go to http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm and see if your modem is listed. If it is, you forward the port in the modem and emasculate the router. If not, you just forward the port in the router. (After you select the one you're going to forward the port in, select the torrent program you're using in the next screen, then follow the directions.)

Also remember - you're not downloading from a fast server, you're downloading from users like yourself, so your download speed is their upload speed.

*Disable the DHCP server in the router. (Connect to it with your browser and find the place to disable it or turn it off.) Connect the modem to a *LAN* port on the router, not to the WAN port (which is where it's normally connected). Your router is now a non-routing wireless access point.


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