What linux has?

Though am not that proficient in linux i am an hardcore fan of this elegant but powerful os.Let me tell you guys wat really gavitated me towards linux.


LINUX is nothing more than a (more or less) free version of UNIX that is open-licensed for use by everyone. Although all versions of UNIX have a "standard" set of commands that all versions are supposed to support, every single version of UNIX has its own proprietary set of commands also.With today's hard drives, you should not have any problem. Last time I looked, I couldn't find a hard disk under 80 GBs, which is more than enough for just about any PC based OS.Yes, you can have two OS's on one PC, but you will need to do some special configuration to allow you to "dual boot" by chosing the partition you wish to use at boot time. If I were you and really wanted to work more with LINUX, I would get a second PC (UNIX is a very good system and works very well with older hardware. Since it is so much more efficient, you don't need the latest and greatest to perform well), and load the LINUX on the second PC. LINUX works well as a server, especially for database and web server applications.The list of features is equivilent to the vocabulary of a language, and unless you are a System Programmer, System Operator, or developer, you will probably never come close to using anywhere near all of its features. Even a UNIX System Administrator for over 11 years would still never touch more than 40% of the commands.
Bottom line is, unless you hack 24/7 and live on Jolt cola and Twinkee's, you will probably never figure out all the features


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