Wall stickers

Today, the design created on different types of bases, looks like an essential thing in our modern life. The design can be found on cars, wears, furniture, and today as well in our houses etc particularly on walls.There is an entire world of stylish, creative, funky, cool Wall Stickers out there, which will not only make your house stand apart from the rest but will also inspire the creative genius in you to wake up and explore further. The wall design can be defined under different forms : paintings, frames, combination of materials, as well as stickers.With your creative abilities, you can use them at home or at your work place to add a little zing in your life. With availability of various colors and designs, you can stick them on walls in the master bedroom or in your child’s room.Their manufacturing in based on scissor vectored visuals, with help of cut-plotter.A plotter is a bit similar to a printer, with a cutter taking place of printing heads.This tool allows the cut of vinyl matching with the vector model.


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